Tharanco Group

The leading women’s and men’s manufacturer in the apparel industry, creating unique and innovative branded and private label product while also offering a compelling brand experience for its customer through exceptional results.

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It was 1988 when Haresh and Tanuja Tharani established The Resource Club, which has since evolved into the diversely rounded Tharanco Group. The reputable reputation of Tharanco Group in conjunction with innovative brand experiences and exceptional results pays tribute to the industry staple of which Tharanco Group is today.

Tharanco Group is involved with a variety of designers and established brands. Holding broad valuable relationships in the US as well as Internationally, Tharanco Group is engaged as a key resource known to have the ability to recognize future trends and take a proactive stance in the industry.

Utilizing in-house design and sourcing to create a customized approach is what sets Tharanco Group apart from others and coveted within the industry.


Tharanco Group’s mission is to build strong relationships with both the retailer and the customer through transparent communications, sustainable strategies and excellent product.

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Specializing in differentiating through product offerings and design, Tharanco Group is able to encompass all aspects and bridge the gap creating unique selling opportunities.

Some of Tharanco Group’s in-house proven brands include Joseph A and One A, known for sweaters and knitwear; and Greg Norman “The Shark” Collection, considered as one of the leading golf-inspired sportswear brands by one of the world’s leading golf professionals.


Here are the details of our leadership team.

Haresh Tharani

Haresh Tharani

Chairman & CEO(Chief Executive Officer), Tharanco Group Inc.

With over 30 years in the apparel industry, Haresh T. Tharani founded The Resource Club Ltd. in 1988 with his wife Tanuja, becoming the first of many affiliates within Tharanco Group. Since then, Tharanco Group has become a private holding company that includes real estate, private equity investments, and a variety of apparel companies.

In 1982, Haresh got his start in the industry working with an apparel importer and distributor, giving him the opportunity to get involved with merchandising, sourcing, design, and sales. During his tenure, he accumulated extensive sourcing knowledge through his travels to work with manufacturers across the world. These experiences led him to found The Resource Club, LTD.

Michael Setola

Michael Setola

President & CEO(Chief Executive Officer), Tharanco Lifestyles, LLC

Michael J. Setola has a 35-year background in consumer brands, primarily in the apparel sector both domestic and internationally.

Since 2009 through acquisition he has served as a Partner, President/CEO of Lifestyle Brands Holdings and Tharanco Lifestyles LLC, headquartered in New York City.

His companies are the owners or brand managers of Greg Norman Collection, Dunning Golf and sportswear designer John Bartlett. The company also provides brand management and licensing consultation, as well as markets and produces private brand products for direct retailers.

Scott Kane

Scott Kane

CFO(Chief Financial Officer), Tharanco Group Inc.

With a 25 year background in finance and apparel industry management within both publicly traded and privately held businesses, Kane joined the Tharanco Group in 2009 as a minority partner and CFO for Tharanco Lifestyles LLC a subsidiary of Tharanco Group Inc.

Following the 2015 reorganization and consolidation of the Tharanco Group, his role was broadened to CFO of Tharanco Group Inc.

Prior to joining Tharanco, Kane served as CFO of MacGregor Golf Company, VP of Finance for Kids Headquarters and he began his apparel experience at Salant Corporation.

Manu Mirchandani

Manu Mirchandani

EVP(Executive Vice President), Secretary & Member of the Board, Tharanco Group Inc.

Manu Mirchandani has spent the past 24 years of his career in the apparel industry with Tharanco Group and related entities.

Manu joined Tharanco as VP of Operations in 1995. Over the past 24 years, Tharanco has expanded in to several businesses, servicing different segments of the apparel industry. During this period, Tharanco started several businesses and entered into several Joint Ventures & Licenses. With the continued expansion and growth of the Tharanco, Manu was charged with expanded management responsibilities related to all facets of operations (Finance, Accounting, Technology, Importation/Customs, HR, Distribution, etc.) and involvement is other aspects of business such as M&A, Markdown management, Licensing and Intellectual Property.